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My motto: You can't spell "systems analysis" without "anal"!

...Without the other!

The Latter-Day Zarathustra
__Hi, I'm Faye, math/science Jedi and geek fuck-cult goddess. I answer emails (eventually) at KneeCheeseZarathustra@gmail.com . BTW, The blog supposedly by me that says I'm really laughing at you is a fake by a disgruntled stalker. This blog is about remembering that being an intelligent animal means being both intelligent AND an animal. It's also about astrophysics, and being naked and whipped. I'd rather TALK ABOUT astrophysics, but I'd rather BE naked and whipped. After college, there was nothing interesting to pay attention to and I was horribly shy and afraid of boys. So I just leaned against the wall for years, smoking cigarettes and waiting for something wonderful to happen to me, but I didn't know what. Then, after I'd given up, it happened in 2001. Curious about what it's like to be a nonconsensual sex slave like the girls in the news, I took off all my clothes in a basement and let myself be gagged, tied to a bench for days, tortured sexually and gang-raped nonstop by every drunk, stupid redneck in Brunswick and their friends. It was a very bad idea. But it was also a liberating, religious-like Revelation from God. I discovered what I always was: an animal body, born to mate and die ...and that I LIKE that. I now know that thinking and feeling are both "you", and it's critical that they keep the hell out of each other's way. I want you wretched, useless geeks to dig up and embrace the scary feelings you buried so long ago when mommy said they were "bad," and do it while you're you're still young. I even use shock therapy on you pointless Poindexters, because suppressing the sexual anger is why you dorks are in such horrible sadness and despair that you actually consider killing yourself so you won't have to endure another day without the thrilling joy of becoming an animal again and fucking someone who's body is like mine. My legs spread the Good News for all-too-modern man, for I preach the Eternal Gospel of cheap, meaningless sex with complete strangers. That's why they call me the psycho, active, psychoactive, hyperbolic, hypergolic, St. Vitus' dancin', pull down her pants and masterpiece-makin', masturbatin', window ledge over-the-edge, screwy, chiral, downward-spiral, ass upended, fair-weather-friended, 'puter freq girl geek. Moses said "Let my people go!" I say, "Let my people CUM!" Let them come to my sermon on the "mount!" For I am the Moses of Mount. I am the Jesus of Jizz. I am the Latter-Day Zarathustra.I live naked in a cave
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Vids of me tied up & fucked
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My 3 days as a sex slave


In 2001, I eagerly let myself be gagged and tied in a basement with my legs forced apart for two days, nonstop. At the first whip slash to my cunt, I screamed and thrashed around desperately.
It was then nonconsensual, like I planned, and it never stopped. I was tortured and raped continuously by dozens of men all weekend while I pleaded and cried. You guys wanted a book about it. Okay, here.

There is no "good."_____There is no "evil."_____There is only FLESH.

Today on my blog: the Hensel conjoined twins, NAKED 'N NUDE!

H I !
I'm Abbybrit , and welcome to my web site!  People are always curious, so I made this blog to tell you about me.   I'm in the fifth grade.

At recess, sometimes men grownups try to be friendly to me, but the janitor chases them away with the fire axe. 

My friend Faye told me that a boy in our class likes me but he's geeky and shy, so I had her take this picture and give it to him so he'll talk to me. 

But I don't think he likes me because when I saw the picture in his locker, he had blowed his nose on it!


Okay, everybody wants to know how I got like this.  Well, it all started with Grandma Hensel (her hiney is on the other side). 
Mommy says the Raelians genetically engineered her for a Japanese business man who kept her in a cage with a monkey, but I bet that's probably just a lie like Santa Claus.

This is one of the pictures Uncle Louie took of me in high heels and blonde wigs. Don't I look pretty!  He drinks a lot of grownup drinks every day.
I found this picture in the guest room. Uncle Louie blowed HIS nose on my picture, too!

Mommy must like this one, because she took it away.  

A lot of folks don't know it, but my sister Cindy has the opposite problem as me.

At Thanksgiving, Uncle Louie wanted her to make a movie in New Jersey with five men, but Daddy hit him and threw him out of our house.

Daddy must really HATE New Jersey!

Here's a picture that my cousin Valentina's boyfriend took. 
His name is Leroy Slim and he wears diamond rings and a pretty fur coat. He isn't jealous like other boyfriends; in fact every night he brings LOTS of men home to visit her!

These days, nobody chases mutants away like in Elephant Man and X-Men.  In fact, cousin Vickie is the most popular girl in the dorm!

She said that boys knock on her door ALL night long, usually two of them, starting right after the bars close... and some of the girls, too!

Gee, it must be GREAT to be popular!

When I asked mommy what a "dopplegang bang" is, she said it was a kind of dance  grownups do. 

I snuck in and took this picture of Vickie dancing with boys on a "double" date.

This is my cousin Brenda. Between us, we're almost two complete people!

When Aunt Linda forgets to take her medicine, she always gets arrested for going bare in public.
SILLY Aunt Linda!

Vickie joined a club where everybody wears leather costumes like Batman.

I'll NEVER understand grownups!!

Here's Aunt Petunia getting some sun. 
Aunt Petunia doesn't talk very much!

This is our family coat of arms...

...and we welcome you with open arms!

Finally, this is from our family reunion, with lots of "union" ...and intersection, too! 
It's the time when we all con-join hands!
Well, that's all, 'cause it's my bedtime now. Look how Uncle Louie tucks me in--he's FUNNY!! 
I sure hope you liked my album! 


       —Abbybrit    :-) :-)

Hi, I'm Faye, and I made this.  That's right, a GIRL did it!  You may not believe it,  but I did *not* do it to ridicule the Hensel twins! In fact, I USED to be friends with them on myspace about 6 years ago, before they left for college and abandoned myspace (along with everybody else there). I made this page to piss someone ELSE off.

See, in an online forum, several people (verbally)  beat up a 14 year-old kid named Sebastian who wondered, politely, about the twins' future sex life. For about a week, the kid said how sorry he is, how wrong he was for even THINKING about such a thing, and begged everyone's forgiveness in increasingly desperate and hysterical tones. Then suddenly, he was heard no more.

I don't know what happened to him.  He didn't strut, but he sure did fret his way across the stage.   I made this page to shock and punish the old ladies who, I fear, may have driven the boy to kill himself.

I also made it to show our American so-called culture through the innocent eyes of a child who, for a while at least, can't perceive the ugliness that drove me to abandon it and go live naked in a cave in the woods for the past three years.  I hacked the power grid and have wireless internet.  

Yes, really:

This is proof of how horrible I think American "culture" is.

More pix of me and my cave

True story of what I let two dozen stupid men do to me in a stranger's basement for 3 days (with pix!)

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