Putting the "ass" back in "Asperger's" since 2003

My mission from God:
Helping my timid geek brothers remember WTF they really are


Someone who knows me IRL found this blog, and will surely tell other people I worked with. Since the entries were mostly about sex and I can't sanitize all 2,443 of them—9 years' worth—I deleted them. More about that here. I kept this page since the entire internet points to it. KneeCheeseZarathustra@gmail.com


I'm not selling anything, and there's no way to send me money.

I'm real.

And I live naked in a cave in the woods.

I'm also a wretched autistic-savant mutant, damned by God and doomed by Man to understand everything and control nothing.

Nice t' meet ya.

My main interest is Riemannian spacetimes and relativistic astrophysics, but nobody wants to hire weirdos, so I did everything from PC repair to systems programming (in assembler) to IT management. I walked off my last job (nuc engineering) because I've met only three kinds of people in the world: evil, retarded, and ME.

...Okay, my "cave" is a tent.  What, like, EVER. 

It certainly feels like a cave in here.  A warm, safe one, too. And best of all, NO HUMANS! YAAAY!

I reeeeally dislike grownups—"grups", as Mira called them.  "Adultism" is a horrible, debilitating, terminal disease similar to rabies that all kids eventually catch, like chicken pox.

Except me.  I seem to be immune. And I have no idea why.

Probably the autism, but I really don't care.

It probably has to do with being autistic, the main symptom of which is being "emotionally retarded", but I really don't care why I am like I am.  All I know is that I watched people I know get married and stop having fun.  Apparently, as soon as you get married, sex stops being thrilling! and exciting!, and becomes some kind of icky medical problem. 

Then in the next two or three decades, people get older and colder and meaner and sad. Then around 50 they turn into angry, evil monsters. Ultimately, they get even uglier and slower until they stop moving, fall over, and rot.  Then they wander around biting the happy young people, just to make them sad, too.

When I was little, I actually believed that part about old people becoming the evil, waking, dead.

I still do.

See, zombies are the ultimate grownups.

Look, if living in a little hut in the woods was okay for Master Yoda, it's okay for  me, see?

The A/C vent is at the lower-right, next to the exit port for the urine-jettison subsystem.

...Okay, the piss funnel.  What, like, EVER.

You can tell how good the insulation is because the snow on my roof doesn't melt, yet I'm cozy and warm in here, even with no covers or clothes. 

"Kane" isn't my real name, but "Faye" is.  "Kane" is way to close for comfort, but too late to change.  I prefer to talk to smart guys, but like all girls, I prefer to be fucked by STUPID ones.  It's because they fuck for real, with feeling—unlike you dorky, timid, question-asking, hesitant, apologetic nerds.

See, stupid guys are ANIMALS, even though they don't believe it.  Geeks believe it but don't FEEL it.


FEEL it.


Anyway, I borrowed a phone from Patty the Spherical Christian and made these two short tour vids of my cave.


I mainly do  two things in here:

A)  I learn topology stuff like hyperbolic Riemann spacetimes, and physics stuff like absorber theory.  I learn what's "behind the curtain" in quantum electrodynamics. I'm currently reading Brian Greene's book about why time is an illusion.  I even talked to him once!   Woh, HE  can fuck me ANY time!

Then again, so can anyone else.

Basically, I just want to understand WTF is going on around me because I'm completely clueless, and what's "around me" is the universe.  I watched Feynman's Australia lectures, which made me see the Big Picture.  My second major was astronomy, and I graduated with more than twice the math and computer credits required for a CS degree. 

B) Watch porn.

Anyway, I've got wireless broadband in here, and lots of comm equipment--most of which I found in dumpsters. (I find electronics and sell the stuff on eBay).

I've got municipal band, UHF/directional, shortwave, FM, 2.4 GHz, AM, and HDTV antennas sticking out of my roof. 

If I were one of those schizophrenic homeless people, I'd think I was in a CIA listening post!


Find the microdot in this image for the GPS coordinates of my location:

SPECIAL BONUS FOR OBSESSED STALKERS (of which there have been several):
The above pic also contains a very graphic pornographic steganographic!

I read a lot in here:

It's a JOKE, see?  The "funny" being that there can be no microdots in a digital picture.  
I guess it's "idiot savant" humor.

Oh well.  'Nother example of why I live in a cave.


> how do you afford food and stuff?

Well at first I lived off my savings, which were destroyed in 2000.  Then I worked doing database programming for an asshole over the internet. But now I find electronics in the dumpster and sell it on eBay. You'd be surprised how much you can make doing that! And money goes far when all you have to buy is food and cases of bottled water.

The dumpster is next to a public storage place in the richest county in America, and when someone doesn't pay their bill, they keep the TVs and stuff they can sell immediately,  but they junk anything in sealed cardboard boxes or that they don't recognize, like (to name just a few) three brand new new $700 digitizing tablets, a broadcast-studio time-base corrector, 16 cases of gourmet coffee, and more cases of copier toner --- all of which I sold for big $$. A very nice older lady named Patty lets me use her mailing address.

I have everything I need -- which is my definition of "rich."   "To each according to his needs", and stuff.

No, I don't have everything I want, which is really just understanding WTF is going on.  But that level of understanding stuff requires knowing a lot more than I do about condensed matter, complex tangent bundles, Riemann tensors, quantum chromodynamics, hyperbolic spacetimes, lines with negative lengths, and higher-dimensional anti- DeSitter spaces.

...Well, okay, I guess tensors 'n tangents are easy (and obvious, if you visualize them), but there's a lot more other stuff that I DON'T know.  I understand the universe about as well as my cat.  Probably less, since Mister Kitty seems a whole lot happier.
> How do you get electricity?

I hacked the power grid. Sounds real techno-cool, but I only just ran a cable to a
250 volt highway-sign junction box and jacked in. Yes it is locked, but there's a right-angle adapter which is closed just with screws. I stripped the wires inside using a knife with two rolls of electrical rubber tape around the handle.  In retrospect, that was REAL dangerous.   

To test if it was live, I tossed a metal gum wrapper between the wires to see if it sparked.  But it didn't spark, it EXPLODED. The ephemeral gum wrapper detonated like a bomb, and was so bright that I couldn't hear for a few seconds or see directly in front of me for a while even though it was daylight.

How did I drop a 250 volt feed to 125 without a transformer?  Jedi magic!  I'm a mutant like the X-men, and my "power" is understanding stuff.  I'd rather be indestructible or fly or shoot ionized plasma from my eyes, but WTF.  I'm just glad I'm not the Elephant Man.

...So class, can anyone tell Miss Kane how she halved the dangerous voltage?  Anyone?  Beuller?  

Here's a hint: it was to Faye's power.

...Okay, okay; you guys keep asking me how, so here:  It was two-phase power.  See, a 250-volt wire pair is just two 125-volt wires 180º out of phase, so they're only 250 volts relative to each other.  I clamped one extension-cord wire to one of the ones I stripped.  Then I clamped the other extension-cord wire, not to the other hot wire, but to the grounded metal case.  125 volts!  Yaay!  When I saw that on the meter, I thought "y'know, sometimes I reeeally like my life!".

I can't take a picture of my elegant power hack / ugly kludge to prove it (which people have angrily demanded as "proof" that I'm me), because that picture would DEFINITELY identify my EXACT location to Dominion Power when they saw the markings on the box and the pole. 

I had to run the ground line all the way to my cave because grounding it at the cave didn't work, even though grounding to the metal box worked.  Can anyone tell Miss Kane why?  

Anyone?  Beuller?  

Hint: it's the opposite of a ground loop. BTW, avoiding them was why I designed a neutron-damage monitor with RS-422 signaling through 11 feet of reinforced concrete containment rather than using the simpler, more common RS-232.  Plus, it was a high-noise environment, and the gizmo had to be fail-safe in every conceivable emergency mode. 

How do you get internet?

I have a wireless internet connection I pay for. I used to hack internet access too (through a wireless repeater in the parking garage), but whoever owned the account either noticed that it was continually downloading very disturbing torture porn, or they just didn't pay their bill. Either way, I'm the only homeless bum in the woods with broadband internet.

I also have a small dorm refrigerator, electric grill, my few clothes (five black T-shirts, two black jeans, six black socks, and black leather shoes), my PC, my trash can (which I poop in), my teddy bear, and some other stuff in a small 'airlock' which isolates the tent door from the weather. You can't see it in the pics because it was winter and the inner airlock door is closed. The door is at the 'pillow' end of my bed. I have a color TV camera hidden outside so I can see if anyone's out there. 

> If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?

Just as wars do not make one great, "smart" does not make one rich.   EVIL makes one rich.

> Yeah yeah, fuck the star-wars shit and answer my question.  Why the hell do you choose to be homeless when you're so SMART?

Okay.  But you asked for it:

1) Knowledge is not power.  (Truth isn't beauty, either, BTW.  And it doesn't set you free.)

I crave understanding things, but I'm not motivated to "acquire" stuff.  I'm not a Ferengi, even though they live in little huts, like me and Yoda.  

3) I'm scared to death to be around the god damn humans. They give me the creeps. They give me the willies. They give me the heebie-jeebies.  They all hate me, won't tell why, and deny it through clenched teeth.  It's probably because I don't give a shit about anything they think is important.  I dunno why, really. It's definitely not my imagination though.

4) Even when they're friendly, other people see me as strange, odd, weird, and peculiar, and I'm sick of it.  I don't like normal people.  I like geeks though.

5) I'm autistic and require literally NO face-to-face interaction. I can't imagine how it would feel to NEED to be around people, and I have absolutely no idea why normal people go crazy in solitary confinement. For me, it is a blessing.

I only leave my little hidey-hole about twice a month. I usually take a cab back, unless Patty the Spherical Christian gives me a ride. I have no windows in here and when I look at my system tray clock, I don't know if it's AM or PM.  Nor either do I care.  Last winter, I didn't know that it snowed all day until I read it at washingtonpost.com. I certainly don't know when it's the weekend.

I like it like that.  It lets me pay attention to things that really are important.   Anyway, does anyone really know what time it is?

Sometimes I'm happy.  But only if I take my medicines (Paxil, Wellbutrin, Trazodone, Adderall).
Sometimes mice and voles get in but I trap them (I hate to do it). I wouldn't, but they have parasites and rabies.  I am REALLY fearful of rabies because it's one of the things I understand a lot.  I had ants and roaches initially, but I dumped an acre's worth of lawn insect powder on the vortex perimeter (the edges of my tent). No more insects.  When it rained, the pile of insecticide outside my cave turned into a pile of toxic slop.

But in the larger sense, EVERYTHING outside my cave is a pile of toxic slop.
> How much food do you buy on one trip outside

Two weeks' worth. Other than that, I almost never go outside. There's nothing out there for me.  Groceries are heavily supplemented by MREs, which I buy mail order by the case, along with EXCELLENT canned beef and pork.  I mostly eat   MREs and fresh Italian sausages I grill with onions and five types of olives        —and  Peppadew sweet picante peppers!  WOH are they delicious!  I also eat a lot of really good imported cheese from Denmark, France and Germany.  "Good" means it has a strong odor and "great" means it smells like people's feet.  My fave is Stilton.  It tastes like a cross between bleu and Havarti.  I also like Limburger, which isn't like you see on Buggs Bunny cartoons. 

Like everything else in this worthless country, the cheese in America is fake and made of plastic.

> washing/showering: you've described going to a friend's to take a shower. 

Yeah,  Pattycakes the Spherical Christian.  My mail goes to her house, too. 

> I see an air conditioner in your cave but how do you keep warm in the winter?

Well, the answer's obvious, but I have a space heater that I almost never use because I never need it to stay warm.

Look, I didn't just crawl into a cardboard box under a pile of junk; I designed this place. Knowing how cold it gets, and not wanting to assume I'd always have external power, I designed it to be comfortable without added heat when it's subfreezing.  The inner surface of my cave is a tent, but on top of that are layers of blankets and leaves and plastic tarp almost a foot thick, covered with camouflage tarp, more leaves, and sticks.  And it's all topped with a creamy vanilla/chocolate coating of bird and squirrel crap.  

I can hear them walking around up there.  It's really cool.  Sometimes, I really like my life.

In the winter, It's warm enough to sleep naked on top of my blanket instead of under it.  In fact, it's SO well insulated that I have to use the A/C on 'Fan' to suck cool air in even in winter, because the PC, monitor, dorm fridge, my breath, and my brain generate more heat than can leak out of here unless it's VERY cold outside.

I only need the space heater when it gets well below freezing out.  And only twice in three years, when it got down below zero outside the cave, have I had to sleep UNDER the blanket.   I am comfy and warm in here

> I don't believe you really live like this

1) So what?  Why should I care?

It used to be very difficult to just let somebody be wrong because I absolutely, definitely always have to know the truth and I feel worried and paranoid all the time that something I believe is wrong. (That started with the Santa Claus revelation, which I still remember vividly. It was traumatic for me an killed my trust in my mom).   But I have to realize that some people just want to believe stuff that isn't right. Religious people are the best example.

2) See the cell-phone videos of the outside and inside of my cave, earlier in this blog entry.

3) The fact that I live like this is actually irrelevant to my blog. Of 150* entries so far, this is the only one about how I live. In fact, if you look at the blog item dates, it wasn't until recently that I even revealed how I live. I finally made this blog entry because I had told so many people in emails that I said 'fuck it'. Plus, I'm tired of repeating all this to everyone.

*Now 7,000+ entries, including my old myspace blog.

4) My whole blog would be exactly the same without someone making the HUGE effort to build a fake homeless cave, string Christmas lights, rig up a fake piss-coated funnel, and stock it with food, books, an air conditioner, PC, radios, etc. for absolutely no reason at all.  At least, none that an autistic person would understand. You god damn normal people do all kinds of things for no reason I can see, like jealousy and revenge and rage and talking to strangers and socializing.

And love.

> are you crazy? 

Well, DUHHHHHHH!  Shit, they say there are no stupid questions, but that one really takes the cake!



I moved all 2,443 blog entries there. Naked pix too!



  1. Is there a question in there somewhere?

    1. No.

      Nor do you have any answers, because there ARE no answers. There are no questions. There are only FACTS. Everything else is illusion.

      BE, and stop THINKING about everything.


  2. Most amazing blog ever. Literate, fascinating, unabashedly perverted. Can't figure out whether to applaud or to mourn. Or to even believe. Best wishes. -- Steve

  3. > Most amazing blog ever.

    Yeah, yeah. Since I moved to blogger from myspace, my hits went from a high of 117,000 to 700/day: THREE orders of magnitude. And that's base 10, not base 2!

    > Literate, fascinating, unabashedly perverted.

    That's me! Too bad I can't turn that into money, or better yet, understanding of the universe.

    > I can't figure out whether to applaud or to mourn.

    Then take SSRIs. The answer will become so obvious you'll hate yourself for so pigheadedly refusing to try them.

    > Or to even believe.

    Oh ye of little Fayeth!

    Look, I stopped responding to that years ago because no matter what tricks I did that they asked for, unbelievers still never believed. It always just led to jumping through more hoops, holding up more signs, writing more names on my cunt, recording more vids, going to more bars at high noon, and a whole lot of other shit (all described as it happened, or ask the regulars).

    Finally, I had to just let some people be WRONG. That, for some reason, is VERY difficult for me. Like when that happens at work, it breaks my heart (i.e., "No, I'd rather do it the way I always have. It only takes a week or so", or "We don't need to buy a tape backup unit"). See my FAQ.

    Ultimately, it comes down to Occam's razor. Yeah, I MIGHT be an old fat bald underpants guy in a basement (as he's usually described), or a teenager fooling the adults, or a rich crazy old cat lady, several people together creating a fictional character, a sociology masters' thesis, a government trap for porn watchers, or any of the other shit people suggest.

    BUT IT'S MUCH, MUCH MORE LIKELY that there really is a person on the internet who is THIS crazy, than it is for someone to simulate everything I am, where I live, the stuff I've taken pics and vids of, and 6,000 blog entries for almost a decade. For free. For no reason.

    Not to mention the two of you who fucked me.

  4. Replies
    1. Presumably, some too-cool, oh-so-leet gamerz inside reference.


    2. Living in a cave and being able to be self-sufficient would allow mw to remain permanently naked and be able to masturbate all the time. I'd like to be there with you!!

    3. You and every guy on the net!


  5. Goddamn Faye i do idolize the fact that you've managed to pull this off. I'll tell you that if you ever need to move there are many places in New Mexico you can hide and stealing the utlities here is as easy as fucking you ;)

  6. Replies
    1. [Curtsies] Why THANK you, Martin!

  7. I have a few questions, if it's okay to ask. How often do random strangers come to fuck you? What kind of people are these random strangers? What do you usually do when you're not masturbating?

    1. > What do you usually do when you're not masturbating?

      I dunno. Physically, I make food, clean, stuff like that. I also learn cool things. Right now I'm reading Brian Greene's latest book explaining why time is an illusion. I also explain a lot of stuff yo you guys here, like spontaneous symmetry breaking.

      What I am doing in an email window right now is helping a grad student aspie internet friend in Germany use pseudometrics in a Hausdorff completion. The challenge isn't in doing his homework, it's showing HIM how to do it. I'm doing it under my real last name though, so he doesn't know about my blog.

      He's real cool but introverted, and I wish like HELL I could turn him on to this pro-fuck blog because (hopefully) it would help him a lot to function in social contexts (i.e. get laid). It has helped a couple of others a LOT. But sadly, no one, anywhere, EVER can know my RL identity and the blog at the same time, and I feel like in this case it's very tragic and it makes me sad.

      If I do break the seal between worlds once, then I'd also do it again, for another nice-guy I can trust. But I've already discovered that you can't allow yourself to believe "nice-guy I can trust" about strangers on the internet. Eventually someone would "flip" and hate me for no reason they can explain. The first was Swag a few years ago, who went on a RL vendetta to fuck me over because I wouldn't tell him the location of my cave.

      The most memorable "flip" was Clare Lilliston. She sent me naked pix and deliberately induced me to feel sexually dominating of her (my first time not being the "sub"), and even promised to do a live naked show for me where she'd do anything I told her. Being the "top" was very scarey to me, but when I eventually conquered my fear and said okay, she said "Too bad! I'm not interested in talking to you anymore", and refused to say why, and it hurt me because it was the first time I was (to have been) dominating instead of submissive, and I was taking a huge (emotional) risk.

      Anyway, eventually someone who knew my real last name would flip and get mad at me and call my ex-coworkers and professors, and tell them how the department valedictorian student and respectable engineer has become a homeless disgusting loser who posts pictures of her cunt, masturbates for strange men for free, and craves being impaled by a railroad spike through my bellybutton while being raped.

      There are people who I don't want to know about that.

      You can't omit one gasket in the submarine's hull just because you feel sorry for it.

      I just hate to help the german kid in topology only. Because meromorphisms are SO much less important than mere "Oh!" orgasms.

  8. Also, I applaud you and your blog.

  9. > How often do random strangers come to fuck you?

    Other than the one time in 2002,never.

    > What do you usually do when you're not masturbating?

    Trying to figure out WTF is going on. But I'm too stupid even to understand things other people have already figured out,like quantum chromodynamics. Hell,I only just BARELY understand quantum electrodynamics.

    When I consider the number of important things I don't understand plus the important things nobody understands, I know WTF is going on about as well as my kitty-cat.

    The fact that I'm "Real Smart" when measured bv stupid-people metrics is completely irrelevant.

  10. This blog is great shock value for some.
    I'm intrigued, not shocked. It appeals to my twisted sense of reality also.
    If we meet it will be sweet and painful.

    1. Yeah, well if we do meet (i.e. if you find me in my cave) do NOT talk to me! It's the surest way to make me panic and run away. In fact, my A/C unit is positioned so I can do that if I'm backed into the corner.

      Instead, just silently start doing stuff to me. I *WILL* be naked, and as soon as I see you're not going to talk to me, I'll lay on my back, spread my legs apart, and offer my cunt and ass hole and the rest of my body to you to use in any way you like. You'll find lube to my left, next to the radio. You can do, literally, anything you want to me.

      I would HOPE you'd take off your belt and whip me until I cry before raping me (and then just walk out). I'll try hard to keep holding my legs open while you beat my stomach, hips, and hairy vulva with your belt (or a thin sapling branch) as hard as you possibly can. If I fail you in that by making as much as a whimper, I request you strangle me to unconsciousness so I wake up alone, in pain, completely covered with cigarette burns and bleeding welts (even my face), and full of leaking cum.

      The very first thing I'll do is masturbate until I twitch in orgasm really, REALLY hard.

      But in reality, you worthless dorks are far more likely to stand there and blab on and on. "Gee whiz, Miss Kane, I never thought I'd find you! Why, I read your blog every day, and..." blah-blah, while I push the A/C unit out the window.

  11. **Caution** This may sound extremely lame,

    I was actually on /g/ drunk on whiskey when you posted.
    Just to satisfy my own curiosity, do you actually browse that place regularly like i do ?, or was it just a one time thing.
    After reading all about you on your blog, i just really wanted to know.

    Don't get too cold out there,

    Guy from Amsterdam.

    1. > Just to satisfy my own curiosity, do you actually browse that place regularly like i do?

      Where, Reddit? No, I don't hang around any forums that are just talk except physics sites, where I use my real name.

      I used to use "Kane", but to embarrass and humiliate me, a man made me send a pic of my ass hole to my serious physics sites once while he was dominating me. I only sent it to one site (which promptly banned me). But to prevent the mixing of worlds again, I now only do physics and engineering sites using my real last name. I still use Kane for IT sites though.

      The only time I go to reddit or similar sites is when I follow a huge hits spike at my blog.

      sometimes I see what's going on at 4chan, since Anonymous is doing all those good works for humanity.

    2. Oh, wait! You said /g/, which means 4chan.

      They won't let me back there because at the end of a pretty cool rap (not about myself), I posted a link to my blog. While you can post links to any other blog site, they have something against blogspot. That was it, banned. No warnings. And no indication that blogspot is so hated.

      That's one example of why they're just dumb kids. I don't want to go back to 4chan. When someone doesn't like me, I IMMEDIATELY leave, and never come back. In fact, that's why I just walked out of B_____ nuc engineering. They loved my work but hated ME.

  12. Hey, I can't believe i found your blog, the fucking random paths the Internet leads you on...you seem like a truly good person, and much more in touch with yourself than most people are.

    I am another white nerdy guy and I'm pretty much the opposite sexually from what you've described, i like how you pointed out that stupid guys are more sexual than nerdy guys, I'm sure it's true, but I want to know how to break out of that, how to have intelligence modify sexuality instead of restrict it. So I was wondering what you would say about that?

    Also, fuck yes brian Greene and science! If I knew where your cave was I would totally sit and talk about quantum mechanics. You're awesome, keep up the good work.

    1. > If I knew where your cave was I would totally sit and talk about quantum mechanics.

      That's why I don't tell anyone where it is.

      Now, if someone discovers me, ties me to a tree naked, and whips me to semiconsciousness before raping me both vaginally and anally while I cry, then leave me slumped against my ropes deep in the woods where nobody can find me, THAT would be different.

      But nerds only want to talk about quantum mechanics. That's why girls don't like you. To much stalk, not 'nuff action.

      What you worthless dorks don't realize is that we WANT you to fuck us

      ...and we DON'T want you to ask permission.

    2. Plus, I don't actually know much about QM. (Well, except relative to normal people, I suppose. But that's not a metric I ever use). My specialty is SR. I don't even know enough about GR.

    3. I am very bright. Cursedly so. I used to have social issues, especially with women when I was young. Then I met an older submissive fuck hole with the self-esteem of a sloppy fuck hole on the net. I fucked and degraded her with ever increasing brutality until I could pull her pants down publicly, hold her throat firmly and dry fuck her hole until it gushed and her knees literally wobbled in orgasm. I observed that intercourse in the traditional, consensual manner never brought her to climax but brutally using her box on my schedule coupled with verbal degradation always made her have deep uterine contraction orgasms. After years of that type of experimentation, I finally admitted to myself that my intellect does not set me apart. I too am an animal with the overpowering and primordial need to pump my seed into cunts. Yes, I generally feel badly about what I've done shortly after I've ejaculated, but it usually fades within 20 to 30 minutes when the mind altering need to seed returns. Unfortunately, I have not been able to breed a total stranger's fuck hole due to the loss of freedom risk being too high in this world/era. Generally, I stick to girls who have put out consensualy first, usually after some psychosexual dominance. After a girl puts out you can take it any time and any way you want it. They will generally keep putting themselves in situations where you can take them because by taking away their choice, you relieve them of their guilt. Just like I need to rut and seed, girls need to be rutted on and seeded.

      Thank you Faye and all the honest and in touch women out there for doing your part in educating intellectuals on the only thing that really matters about being a man and inversely a woman. Bravo Faye.

      Note to geeks: If you fuck a girl's face hole aggressively and through the throat sphincter, the gagging will produce a very thick and acidic saliva which makes for the best anal lube.

    4. Really..., I think you must be her dream lover. You must be very bright to have written all that. Just remember when you meet her to not talk.

  13. Why did you stop blogging, are you ok?

    1. I share my paxil and welbutrin Rx with two other people I know (in exchange for them paying CVS for it), and that leaves not enough for me. The little I take works though, because I'm not sitting in one spot and crying for days, and trying to pull out my teeth with pliers again because they hurt and I can't afford a dentist.

  14. Can YOU make a circle from straight lines?

    1. I can. I can construct all the conics using a square and a pencil. The constructs are only approximations of an abstraction, of course, but that goes for any circle you're ever seen.

      --Aleph(not OP)

    2. Fucking troll.

      And ANYBODY can make a circle from a straight line. Fix one end and make the line a radius, then rotate the other end around the center.

  15. Thea Avaktavyah ConiferousAug 16, 2012, 10:41:00 PM

    You should buy or get hold of the book "Avadhuta Gita".. All Vedic philosophy condensed. All-pervading, all-relevant, untouchable insight. Lose yourself from attachment to concept; will compliment your already accumulated mathematical/physical knowledge, instincts and desperate efforts for understanding the outside world by revealing the inside one and then explaining how they are really the same, but i'm not sure if you instinctively understand this already. ;)
    Also, I sent you an e-mail (enthea92@hotmail.com), would be fun to start a hopefully long-lasting philosophical correspondence-relationship.
    (Pardon any linguistic incompetance, english is not my native language.)
    Much love etc ♥

    - Thea Avaktavyah Coniferous

    1. No fucking way.

      I had a boss who kept trying to push that bullshit on me. He pretended that it was logical and scientific, but got mad and emotional when I pointed out things that disproved his shit.

  16. How is living in the woods working out for you. I live in the woods too. Yes I'm homeless as well. Look forward to your response.

    1. > How is living in the woods working out for you?

      Jes' peachy!

      > I live in the woods too.


      > Yes I'm homeless as well.


      Well, move in with me and you can fuck me all the time. (Jeez, where do these guys come from?)

  17. Hey Faye..It took me more thn 3 hours to read all your Blogs and all the index of your 3 days fucking and that is something I read and believed... 1. You dont beleive in Love and nor in interaction or words while making sex 2. You love to get whipped and tortured, dumpin u in a closet or trunk naked, loose you whn want to use 3. Any men is allowed to sex with you nd fuck you till his cruelty and aggressiveness and can hurt you like anything.... 4. u want that man should use you as a sex object till his extent nd till he fulfills his desires with your swollen cunt nd anal crack..
    Gosh.... you r a Sex Goddess ....I stays in India and i m 26 .. till so far I have studied this society , world, love I says such things no where exists but yes I believe you and would love to visit you while crawling on your body like some rattle pinching and biting every inch of your Skin nd watching the tears coming out of ur eyes....
    Though u have moved in HOuston with two of your friends serving them food, cooking nd your nude body.....And u said tht in order to bang you One shud have to keep watching you to go out for of the house and kidnap you nd drive you in the woods banging nd whipping your ass and fucking you like animal and leaving you there nude and you wont remebr the car plates and face .... I am happy that you got a deal to stay in that Houston House as a family and wearing restrctions not to welcome or allow any of the visits from your Blog Followers.... But If I ever get to Houston, surely i will kidnap you nd will fuck you no matgter how old you become or how loosen your cunt or ass crack gets.....really want to humiliate you and make u obey my words commanding you to kneel down on your knees for more thn 40 minutes.... dargantes@yahoo.com

    1. I am not attracted to pakis or Indians.

      Except the kind of Indians that jump around in a circle in loincloths with a feather hat, swing a tomahawk in the air, going "woo-woo-woo".

      THEY can fuck me, hopefully when they're drunk on firewater so they don't TALK to me.

  18. hi i love ur blog i left u my phone number on xhamster im in richmond va and i want to cum use ur fuck holes and claw you and rape u till u cry like a dumb cunt

    1. 1) You and every guy on the net.

      2) I don't have a phone (I have one, but no service).

      3) I will NEVER talk to anyone on the phone again because I HATE it. I feel like I'm on stage and I don't know what the play is. Except business stuff, like vendors at work. I'm okay with that because it's not personal.

      4) The one time time I DID try to call a reader (a girl in Annapolis who wanted to keep me under her bed and take me out to torture me), it turned out to be a guy. The regulars can tell you all about that. Ever since I found out that santa claus was a lie, I keep swearing I'll never get fooled again, but it keeps happening anyway.

      5) I'm not a free prostitute who meets guys to fuck in their cars during their lunch break. That's not being grabbed, dragged into a van, raped continually for hours, and dumped naked behind the dumpster in an alley behind a liquor store—which is what I want to happen.

    2. if only you lived in the woods in nova scotia. i'd chain you to the wall in my basement and rape you for a looooong time. id throat fuck you until you puked everywhere then id push your face in the puke and ruin your asshole with my thick cock

    3. > if only you lived in the woods in nova scotia.

      If only this, if only that...

  19. Hey Faye, just wondering when you moved into the hidey-hole from your group living situation? jill

    1. I can't give dates because I lie about my age. When you lie, you're always asserting a contradiction. In the present case, that means it is literally impossible for me to provide an internally-consistent chronology, and I've learned not to try. And even if I could come up with one, it would still be inconsistent with reality, and I really, really don;t like that.

      Sorry! :-(

  20. Oops ~ never mind Faye, I see you've been 'rescued' then. How old are you, do you mind? Thanks, jill

    1. I lie about my age and doctor my pix.

  21. I have the same old radio (ok, I admit I actually have 3 of them) and scanner LOL as you, and more of course. I am a geek, very anal and pedantic, an assassin in mind, heart, and body. Yes, I am INTP. Cheers to you and your cave!

  22. Wow, you are amazing. how does one reach you?

    1. With one hand on your dick and one hand on my pic.

  23. you are weird and obviously very spoiled.

    1. > you are weird


      > and obviously very spoiled.

      How? I don't see it.

  24. stalking the wild troglodyte LOL

    1. Also Sprach Zarathustra


  25. I'd rape you in the shitter, don't want to get aids though.

    1. If you fuck me in my ass, it's far more likely that I would catch aids.

  26. but you did ignore my 11/20 comment! you did write that you reply to all email. to become a baby one must take up the burden first, y'know,

    1. > did ignore my 11/20 comment!

      I don;t see it. and it wasn;t on purpose.

      > to become a baby one must take up the burden first

      Yeah, as a camel. But you forgot the lion between the camel and the baby.

  27. Your a loser in misery or miserable filled with loss. Best thing you can do for yourself and the world, is kill yourself.

  28. Faye, I looked at you pics and you are hot. I'm 63 this May and was wondering if you would do an old man a favor, would you lay me? At my age I find it hard to find women that are willing. And damn, you are a fine looking woman. I love the fact that you are an outdoors person and doing it alone. I was a truck driver for over 20 years and loved the solitude of the job. Now I'm not begging, gave that up years ago, but to spend some time with you would be great. Ron

    1. do an old man a favor = do an old man

      Sorry, but I'm not attracted to old men. It's not by choice. Gays aren't attracted to me, and I don;t take it personally.

      Buy a prostie!

  29. Hi faye what blog hot hot. How do follow your blog

  30. I just had a cruel and amusing thought. Upon the silent "flipping of the switch" leading to the offering of two input ports, proceed to tie you down. Once you are completely and utterly immobilized, begin conversing and refuse to do anything other than talk. What if you start screaming? Ball-gag, give you a simple 2 button input device, let you know that left is . and right is -, place a Morse code chart in front of you, and continue to talk to you like a human being. You may continue your muffled scream, or you may attempt a digitized scream based on ancient telegraphic technology, and I'll just sit there watching you squirm, and continue to ask about current events and attempt to bring up politics despite your complete separation from these subjects.

    I guess I'm just a cruel and sadistic person.

    1. All men are. But you sure have some geeky masturbation fantasies!

  31. You are the most fascinating woman I have seen on the internet. Your brain must be some sort of awesome. I'll admit that you make me think very dirty thoughts.

    1. The thoughts were always in you. You just forgot them, that's all.

      I'm here to help you remember.

      And why not? They're as much "you" as you are.

  32. Im 19 and im geeky and attractive but all i get in this world is complete retards that want me but you you are perfect a great head on your shoulders older and just every thing i would like to change about the world .you attract me so much i would like to come rape you in your cave with my bbc and cum in every hole and suck it out of you .where are you located :I

    1. "bbc." Troll. Ain't bitin'.

    2. > where are you located :Iou located?

      Meet me back the railroad track.
      Stick your dick all up my back.

    3. LOL i like your style bitch. ;) good stuff.

    4. Why THANK you, Ray! [blushes...]

  33. goddamn you are my kind of bitch. i would fuck that asshole and pussy caveman style 24/7

  34. goddamn you are my kind of bitch. give me that fuckin cunt and i will take it from you.

    1. If I give it to you, you haven't taken it from me. You have to take it from me WITHOUT me giving it to you.

      Only then will you deserve it.

  35. http://xhamster.com/user/fukthaworld88

    1. Damn, dude, you're the king of uploading DP vids!

      Unfortunately, the girls are all high-heeled Hollywood whores and the guys are all nee-groes.

    2. yeah i like my bitches trashy NOT classy.

  36. Heya... Ok. I need to comment on your blog. I've been reading your blog over these past few days. I can't remember how I happened to run across it. I think I ran across someone's profile on xHamster and, if I remember correctly, I saw a story/blog post there and read it. Included in it was a reference to your blog and the location of same. So, I checked it out and I've been more or less mesmerized by it since. I've gotten lost in reading many of your blog posts, for hours at a time, and found a ring of truth in what I've found there. I'm not one of those who thinks your an internet fake. Too much of what I've read in your blog has a certain ring of truth and honesty. And I like the way you talk about sex, about being taken by any random guy who has sufficient balls to grab you and fuck you. And, I have to say, your photos are among the hottest, sexiest, most raw stuff I've seen. This one in particular: https://lh3.ggpht.com/-IVXioG9mPpM/UKBsJbBlK0I/AAAAAAAARsg/Nq0h86-01-E/s640/03.jpg, and others really drive my libido and make me fantasize about finding you in your former cave, grabbing a fistful of your hair, pushing your face down onto your bed and beastfucking you while spanking and whipping you, feeling your pussy and your asshole clinch around my cock while I'm raping you, as you and I both know you desire. I don't care that you don't care for black men. I am black, and honestly, I think the experience of grabbing you and raping your hungry little holes would be even more exciting and satisfying for me (and, perhaps, for you) because of the fact that you, while you have announced that your mouth, ass and pussy are available and waiting for anyone willing to take them by force, have specifically stated that your are NOT available in that way to black men. Please know that I would fuck you anyway, and I would relish doing so knowing that you have no desire to have black cock inside you. I would enjoy forcing my black cock inside you regardless of your distaste for black men. I am fascinated by your enjoyment of teasing, taunting, craving any man who would be so bold as to strip you naked and take you by force. I like reading your blog, and I like thinking about what a complete sexual animal you are and your willingness to submit to those who are determined to fuck the shit out of you. I would especially enjoy fucking you if you fought and tried to resist my black cock penetrating you. You are interesting, but mostly, you are fuckable, very fuckable, and I really like that you know this.

    Post some new pictures....


    1. > I don't care that you don't care for black men.

      But that doesn't make me care for them, which is why I didn't read any farther than that statement.

      Plus, you have no idea how boring it is to read (mainly in email) "Faye, I want to do this to you, I want to do that to you..."

      Well you CAN'T. We're lin different states, I hide my location, and you don;t even know my last name.

      SAY! Why don't you stop fantasizing about doing things to ME and substitute that girl at work into the same fantasies? The important thing is to have those fantasies while you're talking to her instead of thinking how she probably wouldn't like you and probably already has a boyfriend.

      The very fact hat she's talking to you means she wants you to strip her naked and rape her. SHE'S an animal too, you know, born only to mate and die, just like you.

      ...Unless she's talking about the Load phase of ETL, skyshine factor of a shield geometry, APT malware, or the metallicity of pop II Cepheids.

      Then talk about that instead.

  37. Replies
    1. At the top of every blog page, but I'm WAY behind in answering them.

  38. Replies
    1. Yeah, like the moon landings.

      Tell it to the couple that "rescued" me and the readers who've fucked me.

      Those sets intersect though, because the couple that rescued me fucked me, too. So did my "biggest fan."

      YOU can't have any until you change that attitude!

  39. I feel sad for the people who read this and actually take your advice:
    "The very fact hat she's talking to you means she wants you to strip her naked and rape her. SHE'S an animal too, you know, born only to mate and die, just like you."
    You do know people go to jail for that shit right?

    1. People who smoke dope also go to jail, and there's nothing wrong with that, either.

      But unfortunately, no rapist has yet attributed it to my Church Of What You Really Are. One guy (Wolter) did send his shrill, harpie wife back to Japan because of me, though. The new self-confidence I engendered led him to quit his crappy job and start his own company. Now he has 40 employees.

      Did you know that 60% of women cum while they're being raped? I posted hilarious explanations by a feminist from an academic journal. She bends over backwards to avoid the simple, obvious explanation. The other 40% couldn't quite get there because the rapist cummed first.

  40. Replies
    1. It seems you forgot that you are.


  41. Not easy to make the decision to break the chains.

    1. You don't have to "make a decision" to do it, or to do anything else. There IS no "decision," there is only ACTION, what you physically DO. That's all that counts. Everything else is just sitting there yanking off.

      Start by finding a place to make a cave. It has to be near an electricity junction, like a streetlight. Then buy a small tent, clear the area, and set up the tent. Hopefully, you picked a power junction that nobody will see you unscrewing the cover and hacking in. Then run power to your cave, buy a foam mattress, an A/C unit, and a space heater. Cover your cave with layers of old blankets and plastic sheeting. Fix your laptop so it gets internet from your cell phone system. That involves buying a USB internet gizmo from your carrier.

      Bring water in, and buy about 20 MREs. Then hang around in it more and more instead of your isolation module (what I used to call my apartment). Fix it up with lights and stuff. Then one day you'll realize that you don;t actually have to ever come out.

      Here, watch this. It's only 30 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt9MP70ODNw

      There are no "decisions"; what you actually DO is all there is.

      There IS no "good".
      There IS no "evil".
      There is only FLESH.

  42. Whatever you do is your own business, but this is still beyond fucked up.

    1. Fucked up? Fucked up, you say?

      Here's my hip 'n happnin' ontology:

      There are three kinds of things other than my own thoughts: objects, other people's opinions, and mathematics.

      Guess which one I don't give a fuck about.

  43. hey faye

    of course people look at us like we are strange. they are just as scared of us as we are of them.
    only difference is that we SHOULD be scared of them.

    a guy moved near to me frm rehab last week, i offered him a freview tv boxand told him id found it in a skip - he turned his nose up at me - this is a guy living on welfare in england with a flat paid for by benefits,and just out of rehab paid for by the state - and the fucking prick still held the unbelivable snobby stance that "a free, freview box from a skip was not "good enough" for him.
    i go out picking fruit n veg from the wild - as i guess u do - u wouldnt belive how many 18-22 yr olds see me picking frm a plum tree and say "eugh! what are those?"...thats right - WHAT ARE THOSE. IS it awful of me to sumtimes wish for a global disaster - so that these fucking molly-coddled morons would starve (with no boxed meals) while i dined like a king on natures fayre?

    anyway. long ago did i stop trying to adapt myself to fit into their sick world. long ago did i stop trying to hide my nature,views and lifestyle from"society"
    AND long ago it was when i started to love myself for who and what i was.

    to take this route in life faye, gains u much respect from me (not that i hold myself up as someone whos respect should be coverted)
    what i mean is, you have TOTALLY relinquished the concept of "modern society" - sumthing ive not been able to do.

    and on a side note, (but no less important) im afraid that i would have no time for the tying up and restrains.
    just to grasp you from behind,wrap ur hair around my hand and force you face down - then sink my teeth into ur shoulder nback while my cock splashed in and out of your piss-wet and red-raw cunt and ass.
    the more accepting of my life and opinions i become --- the more animalistic a become my sexual fantasies. you are right - you DO exist to service me.

    PS im reasonably intelligent - although my families working class background afforded me not inductions in oxbridge style universities
    the good old english class system strikes again.

    but i would like to hear you theories on time travel - Myself, i belive it that history proves that time travel will never exist in the future. i do not need to explain my theory further to YOU. but for others reading i will briefly explain my reasons - you have a time machine...where do you go first? then where do you go second? like i said,history proves that time travel will NEVER exist.

    would love to here ur theories faye.

    1. Well I'm glad you are who you are, since most people aren't.

      I'm also glad you want to rape me, but you're not exactly alone in that. I just wish it would happen somehow instead of everybody talking about it. I actually feel stupid talking about it myself. It's like casually talking about God.

      As for time travel, it is impossible. Mass is momentum moving forward in time, just like light is momentum moving in a direction 90º away (i.e., all 3 directions of space). You can rotate the direction the momentum moves in (i.e., accelerate the mass), pointing it more in the space direction, but at the cost of not moving so fast in the time direction (i.e., time dilation). You can't rotate momentum (i.e., mass) a full 90º away so NO momentum is in the time direction (causing time to stand still for the object) because then by definition it's not mass, it's light (EM radiation). BTW, that's why light doesn't experience time. Its momentum is completely in space. Also, that would be accelerating mass to c, which is impossible for other reasons.

      To go back in time, you'd have to rotate MORE than 90º while still being mass. Since mass can't even reach 90º, this is impossible.

      Note that antimatter is mass which ONLY moves backwards in time, but it can't ever become normal mass for the same reason as above.\

      Hmm, I'll write a new blog item about this.

    2. PS:
      > history proves that time travel will NEVER exist.

      By "History," I assume you mean the fact that since we know what happened in the past, it can't be anything else. Like a coin that's been flipped, it can never be heads if it's lying on a table tails up (which sounds real sexy!)

      That's convincing to me too, but it isn't literal "proof" of anything. For example, if reality split into two realities when a time traveler appeared (as in the many-worlds interpretation), your "proof" would be shown to be wrong. BTW, the many-worlds interpretation is itself wrong, if you're curious.

  44. Hehehe.

    Lady, when I looked at the thread from Reddit, you piqued my interest. Now that I read your blog, you have arguably started and blown up my obsession.

    I am a 19 year old sex starved virgin who's shy, anti social, probably autistic, and doesn't know squat about how to even START on how to even fucking get free sex from a woman.

    But you, you encourage men to rape you, defile your body and violate it as much as possible. You have no idea of how high my horny level is right now. Reading your story, it's like I'm reading something that I'd see in fucking hentai doujins. I can't even fucking believe that it's real, but it is. And now I REALLY REALLY wanna meet you and force you to pop my cherry. I'm sick of being a good little boy. I'm sick of feeling left out because I can't even have sex with even the lowest valued women.

    But then I see that you don't have any interest in black men... No no no... This won't do, as I am black myself. Oh well, I'm still gonna fuck you if I ever meet you. Infact, I LIKE that you actually have no interest in black men. That only fuels my desire to fuck you even more. Now you're like a forbidden fruit that shouldn't be ingested. Oh how I will enjoy it, seeing your face cringe as you get impaled by an unwanted black rod. Oh how joyous it'll be that my finest moment will likely be your lowest moment. Yes, keep disliking at even the insinuation of a black man rubbing his cock against his cunt. It pleases me and will only serve to make your fucking even more rough and merciless than it will already be. Have you heard about all those stereotypes that used to exist about black men in the Jim Crow era? How we used to be painted as brutish gorilla-like rapists and such? That's what you'll get when you face me. You'll see. It's gonna be as if Bigfoot himself decided to ravish a little woman such as yourself.

    So prepare yourself. I don't know when, but I will fuck you. Whether you like it or not.

    By the way, I'll likely have some face paint on, so if you see a black guy that looks like an Juggalo reject? Well, that'll be me.

    1. > Lady,


      I'm serious!

      > when I looked at the thread from Reddit, you piqued my interest. Now that I read your blog, you have arguably started and blown up my obsession.


      > I am a 19 year old sex starved virgin who's shy, anti social, probably autistic, and doesn't know squat about how to even START on how to even fucking get free sex from a woman.

      My advice: do it anyway

      > But you, you encourage men to rape you, defile your body and violate it as much as possible.

      All women want that. But they don't admit it to themselves, just like guys suppress being insane fuck animals.

      > You have no idea of how high my horny level is right now.

      Yes I do, and I'm the only girl that does. 7 years ago I wanted to see what it's like to be horny like a man, so I slathered testosterone cream from the net all over me and never washed it off. Details somewhere on my blog. I wish I had an index. Basically, I became an insane whip me / fuck me monster. I walked around the woods completely naked for a long time and only BARELY stopped myself from walking around naked o the highway hoping to get raped. I compromised with myself by laying in the tall grass next to the beltway and masturbating with my cunt facing traffic.

      It gave me a mustache which went away, but it fucked up my voice permanently. Now it sounds gravely. I don't like it.

      > Reading your story, it's like I'm reading something that I'd see in fucking hentai doujins.

      Hmm, must be a jap.

      > I can't even fucking believe that it's real, but it is.

      Gee, thanks. I'm actually real.

      > And now I REALLY REALLY wanna meet you and force you to pop my cherry. I'm sick of being a good little boy. I'm sick of feeling left out because I can't even have sex with even the lowest valued women.

      Yeah you can, but even as horny as you are, your intellect STILL overrides all that and tells you that you ain't fo' shit.

      > But then I see that you don't have any interest in black men... No no no...

      yes yes yes.

      > This won't do,

      won't do... for YOU!

      > I am black

      Ooo, SNAKE EYES! I'm sorry sir, NEXT ROLLAH...

  45. you filthy fucking beast bitch!

    i wanna be your caveman and tame that mammal cunt you fucking animal. how do i get your email so i can send you pix and video?

    i am a 25 yr old white male and a sick and twisted sexual sadist. i also like mac n cheese. :) but who tha fuck doesn't?!

    1. fukthaworld88@gmail.com

      Lansing, Michigan

  46. Forget my first question

    Mulitiverse , brain theory , dark energy , dark mater , maybe if we put a label on something we will understand it better ??
    The universe is what 14, 352, 837, 654, years 5 months 14 days old approximately based on the red shift of the most distance objects
    Witch are moving away from us a nearly the speed of light and continuing to accelerate . Does this sound right to you????

  47. I must say your intellect is a bit intimidating to those of us with a average intelligence and confusing to
    simple halfwits . But you seem to have a deep desire and the possibly the ability to see things in there true light,
    giving some incite to some natures deepest mystery , maybe it takes a nearly an insane mind to see reality ( no offense )

  48. > your intellect is a bit intimidating to those of us with a average intelligence

    I never understood that. If Einstein walked in, I wouldn't feel intimidated. I'd yell "AGHHH! Zombies!" and run.

    >and confusing to simple halfwits .

    Yeah, but where does the intimidation come from? I'm not threatening you. To you normal people, everything is about your egos, about whether other people think you're "cool" or not, and it drives me crazy.

    I wish I was the stupidest person on Earth. Then I could finally get some answers to my questions about 4-dimensional DeSitter spaces.

    > maybe it takes a nearly an insane mind to see reality ( no offense )

    See, there it is. "No offense." A normal person would get offended at you saying I'm nearly insane. But it doesn't matter if someone says I'm X or Y. If I am, then they're telling the truth. If I'm not, then they're wrong. Where does the intimidation and one-upsmanship and feeling insulted come from?

    It's normal-people sickness, and it's why I moved into a cave.

  49. I never understood that. If Einstein walked in, I wouldn't feel intimidated. I'd yell "AGHHH! Zombies!" and run.

    >> wouldn't we all ??? at least the sane ones? I might ask him for a light , since I know he smoked , but that it.

    I wish I was the stupidest person on Earth. Then I could finally get some answers to my questions about 4-dimensional DeSitter spaces.

    >> I think you mean the most ignorant , since stupid by definition means you should have known by experience and still don't
    But not to worry we are all ignorant and stupid in someway , some more then others as you have already learned .( WTH is DeSitter Spaces? Never-mind )

    See, there it is. "No offense." A normal person would get offended at you saying I'm nearly insane

    >> Not necessarily , There is a deference between acting insane and truly lost your fucking mind shoot me in the head insane. see the deference?

    But it doesn't matter if someone says I'm X or Y. If I am, then they're telling the truth. If I'm not, then they're wrong.

    >>Aww yes , that's kinda a tuff one If you are what they say you are , their right , if your not and you don't care about them , Fuckem, and if your out
    of lube tell them to Fuck off . ( Better )

    Where does the intimidation and one-upsmanship and feeling insulted come from?

    >> Personal Insecurity and Stupidity ( seem to be a lot of that now a days ) just an observation

    It's normal-people sickness, and it's why I moved into a cave.

    I believe your wrong " normal-people sickness " is all you have experiences and most humans are Quick to judge and determine
    If something or someone pose any threat to them , and if someone doesn't fit the pattern or they can't relate to him / her then they are
    a potential enemy. to be avoided or ridiculed. I had my unfair share of that shit too .

    You only need one true friend. to place your trust in . don't give up , and quit fucking around get your paper's publish , just a suggestion


  50. I want to rape and dominate you while you try to cry from the pain of being brutally fucked in your dirty little asshole, but you won't be able to breathe. let alone cry because ill be choking you with my belt and telling you how much you deserve it.

    Now I'm going to masturbate and think of all the different ways i will fuck you

  51. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/05/24/shooting-california-santa-barbara/9532405/

    One friend JUST ONE FRIEND ONE SINGLE MOTHER FUCKING FRIEND to prevent this madness

  52. In the same way I think that if a girl gets pregnant - whether through a relatonship or through rape - then ONLY the father of her unborn child should have the right to decide on whether or not she keeps the baby or has an abortion. The woman should have NO say in the matter whatsoever. It should be purely the man's decision.


  53. Correction posted by worthlessfem on blogger not Faye Kane

    In the same way I think that if a girl gets pregnant - whether through a relatonship or through rape - then ONLY the father of her unborn child should have the right to decide on whether or not she keeps the baby or has an abortion. The woman should have NO say in the matter whatsoever. It should be purely the man's decision.

  54. The best stuff I've ever read. Here's a little something for you to fantasize about: I am going to find you cave woman and set up my own cave not to far from yours but far enough. Then I'm going to ambush you coming back to your cave after one of your bimonthly ventures out, drag you by your hair to my cave and make you mine. Then I'm going to kick you out, back to your little cave. Afterwards I'm going to come by whenever I want, have my way with you and cum in or on you wherever I choose.Then we will live happily ever after, not talking to one another, you in your cave and me in mine. OK enough fantasy, here are a couple of things for u to think about seriously: 1 YOU CAN'T RAPE THE WILLING, if that is what u want and desire then its not RAPE, it's a sick perverted twisted fantasy. 2 How do you expect anyone to have unprotected sex with you after stating u have HEP.C from dirty needles!! And finally #3 What will do if u get pregnant?

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Faye. It's been my fantasy to be tied up, drugged and fucked like a piece of meat but I'm scared. I play this scenario in my head but am scared I'll get some disease and I'll have to worry about giving it to my lovers and it will ruin sex for me in the future blah blah. I hold out for that shit like soulmates, but I'm scared ill be haunted by regret from my unfulfilled fantasy. I feel that deep dark NEED to be ravaged and used but with each fantasy fulfilled a new one appears. Reading about your fun weekend left me both sick and aroused. Maybe I'll learn to let it go or maybe some day in my future I'll be bound and fucked until I reach such a primordial level that I will finally have catharsis.
    - m/25

    ps I want to get fucked by animals do you?

  57. if your still living in that cave of yours im going to go lookin for you for these next few years cuz i aint got shit to do then try to find ,tie, and fuck you untill yu cry and squirt!!


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